An Anniversary Cake
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An Anniversary Cake

Recently my husband and I celebrated yet another wedding anniversary. Every year, I bake my spouse a sweet treat on this special occasion. Usually, I opt to make him a chocolate cake, brownies, or chocolate cookies. However, since last year, my spouse has developed an addiction to a different type of dessert. He’s fell in love with fruit cakes. Unfortunately, I’m not skilled at making this seasonal dessert. So I decided to surprise him with a fruit cake from a local bakery that makes this dessert all year long. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of purchasing a favorite dessert for a significant other’s anniversary gift or for any other reason. Enjoy!


An Anniversary Cake

Don't Go Empty-Handed: Foods To Bring For A 4Th Of July Picnic

Franklin Lynch

If you have plans to attend an Independence Day party or barbecue, don't show up empty- handed. Even when the host or hostess indicate that you don't need to bring anything, it is common courtesy to offer up some contribution to the meal. Bring something that won't go to waste, and that requires minimal preparation before the big day.

Some things that you may want to pick-up and bring to your 4th of July festivities are:

Fresh-baked buns and rolls. You can't go wrong with really delicious, fresh-baked rolls or buns. These are something that will get eaten up, but that also make great leftovers the next day. Visit your favorite bakery for fresh bulky rolls, Kaisers, and knots to share with friends this 4th of July. For more information, contact Klosterman Baking Company or a similar organization.

Super simple and sweet pickles. Many people enjoy pickles, and they make an excellent sandwich or burger topping at any picnic or party. Make a batch of your own to take to your celebration; friends will be impressed and amazed that you made them yourself. To make a batch of simple and sweet pickles for your party:

  • Slice up the cucumbers, onions, and peppers that you want to pickle. Aim for uniform size, if possible.
  • On medium heat, dissolve parts of sugar, water, and vinegar. Taste to determine if it is the right sweetness; adjust as necessary.
  • Bring mixture to a boil and simmer for ten minutes, until the sugar has fully-dissolved.
  • Fill sterile containers with your sliced veggies; pour the warm mixture over the veggies until the jar is full.
  • Refrigerate until ready to eat. The longer these pickles marinate in the fridge, the better they taste!

A vat of great dip. When bringing dip to a party, the key is to pick one that can be served at room temperature. Something like guacamole or Pico de Gallo are good options, and they can both be served at room temperature. Furthermore, these make excellent toppings for burgers, veggie burgers, and chips.

Something vegan. Does everyone at the party eat meat? There is a good chance that there may be a vegan or two at your celebration; what should you bring? Consider some tasty, plant-based options that even the meat-eaters will gobble up, such as fresh salads, hummus, or even a fresh watermelon.

Bring one of these suggestions to your next party or barbecue, and make a favorable impression on any host. These ideas are simple, easy, and inexpensive, yet they also will be a big hit at any picnic, celebration, or barbecue.