An Anniversary Cake
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An Anniversary Cake

Recently my husband and I celebrated yet another wedding anniversary. Every year, I bake my spouse a sweet treat on this special occasion. Usually, I opt to make him a chocolate cake, brownies, or chocolate cookies. However, since last year, my spouse has developed an addiction to a different type of dessert. He’s fell in love with fruit cakes. Unfortunately, I’m not skilled at making this seasonal dessert. So I decided to surprise him with a fruit cake from a local bakery that makes this dessert all year long. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of purchasing a favorite dessert for a significant other’s anniversary gift or for any other reason. Enjoy!


An Anniversary Cake

Three Reasons Why Kaiser Rolls Are Underrated

Franklin Lynch

Kaiser rolls have been around for a long time now, and with a certain audience, they are extremely popular. However, they are not as well known as some other types of bread and pastries, and that is a shame because it means that people are missing out on the qualities kaiser rolls have to offer. Whether you like big meals or small, delicate ones, kaiser rolls can make everything better if you know how to utilize their strengths. Here are a few reasons why kaiser rolls are a bit underrated and how you can better use them at home.

Great For Sandwiches

There is nothing worse than opening up your lunch to see a soggy sandwich that has lost all of its internal strength and has mushy tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetable strewn throughout it. Kaiser rolls are a little bit more robust than other types of bread, and therefore do not lose their strength as easily. In fact, they often are far more crunchy and satisfying to munch on than regular soft bread. Because of their strength, you can also often fit in a lot more fillings without worrying about your kaiser rolls falling apart during the day or while you eat it.

Perfect For Salads

If you want to add a little bread into your salad as a makeshift crouton, then you should try out a kaiser roll. They have the same crunchy texture as croutons but are just a little bit softer and flakier. This means that they are great at absorbing the delicious sauces and flavors in your particular salad, and they can also hold their texture for quite a bit of time as well. Of course, you should still add these in last so you don't let them get too soggy, but otherwise, they make effective replacements for croutons, much better than toasting some regular sandwich bread and dumping it in.

Adds A New Texture To Jams And Spreads

If you are more of a sweet tooth, then fear not; kaiser rolls are a jack of all trades and do well with these types of meals too. Kaiser rolls do not have a lot of salt or tang to them; in fact, they are relatively mild and resemble normal bread rolls in most ways apart from their texture. This crunchy, fluffy texture works well as a juxtaposition for the sweet jams and spreads and retains its freshness for well over a day if you have to get them a bit early.